Gaming and its effect on children

In the good old days playing a game to a child meant meeting up with a few other friends and playing a game of snakes and ladders, Uno, or monopoly and having a good time. Things were very simple and so much of interaction was involved between children and sometimes even the adults who got together for a game of visit. But this however has changed over time. Today the first thing that creeps into a person’s mind at the first hearing of the word “games” are computer games or play station. There are many arguments to and against the use of video games and most parents seemed to think of video gaming as a waste of time and at worst a source that corrupts a child’s brain. How true are these accusations and are video games really bad for children? And on the other hand do they do any good to the development of a child?

According to certain researches performed on the relationship of brain and video gaming, it was discovered that gaming gives your brain a real workout. It is said that a child is taught to follow instructions through playing video games. A child gains the ability to think logically and solve problems in the most tedious ways. Development of motor skills is one of the main indicators of the development in the brain of a child and through video games co-ordination of mind and hands can be developed very well and through that the fine motor skills of a child. A child also learns to think quickly and make quick decisions and also to build up and execute strategies and plans. In most video games, saving the entire part of the game that was completed is not really an option. Therefore it is said that children learn to persevere and also try and learn to be accurate at the first attempt itself.

However together with all these benefits of video gaming there comes an equally long list of threats to child development as well. It is a question of which side overweighs the other. Most of the time video games are blamed at due to the violence and bad natured behavior that contains in them.  The susceptibility of the children being induced to perform such acts in real life is very high due to the high influence of video games. Also it cannot be condemned that there is a huge possibility of children being addicted to these games. They could be less social and could get isolated as they find their world being limited to a computer or a TV screen with its fictional characters. Also children could be confused about the reality and the fantasy of things. Almost everything that is included in games isn’t really true. And children especially below the age of 12 may not be able to differentiate between the two.


The future of the gaming world

With technological developments being introduced each day the gaming industry is running to keep up with it. Here are some trends that are occurring in the gaming world with the new technologies being introduced.

The future through virtual reality

We all know that 3D movies have now become very popular in the movie industry but what most of us don’t know is that this technology has been around for a very long time but it didn’t get much popularity because of the high costs that came along with it. But recently with moves like Avatar there has been a revival in 3D technology not only in the movie industry but also in gaming world. With 3D glass, TVs, PCs and multimedia projectors being introduced to home owners the gaming industry is definitely able to take gaming to a new level with virtual reality. The evolution in the graphical quality, improvements in gaming hardware and game development virtual reality will soon be a must have feature in the gaming world.

The secondary screen

With the current improvements and innovation in handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets every game will need to be support with into possibility of secondary screens. Examples for this would be Wii U GamePad that can serve as a supplement to games , Sony cross play which enables payer to continue playing a game while moving from one device to another or the smart glass that acts as a add on device to which the players can use to interact in the game.

Open source games

There are endless number of free homemade games that are viable on the mobile market and this is a big completion to the gaming world and therefore all future games may be heading towards open Source. The new concept is that games should be cheap to buy and build therefore open source game have a better future. Independent developer are now less likely to purchase expensive software development kits to create and release the game they make thereby making open source games a better chance at survival due to the lesser costs.

Augmented Reality and cloud gaming

This would be step up from 3D gaming. This would be done through devices such as the Google glass where you won’t even have to hold a console or a device and it will make you feel like you are in the gaming realm yourself. This will soon become a must have feature in games as we. With the developments in internet and technology to support it cloud gaming is becoming a necessity. This will be more desirable to customers as you will not have to wait for updates to high-quality games all you have to do is get good net connections.